Executive Director Invitation

Welcome Honored Guest!

Please join us, the Vietnamese American Uniformed Services Association (VAUSA), at our 10-year anniversary gala at the Washington Dulles Airport Marriott on Saturday, September 15th, 2018. This celebration, with the theme of Promoting Our Future Leaders, recognizes the contributions and pays tribute to the sacrifices made by the United States uniformed servicemembers of Vietnamese descent.  

VAUSA, founded in 2008 as a nonprofit veterans’ organization, consists of 1,200 plus members worldwide who have ever put on the uniform to serve the United States of America with honor. VAUSA’s sole purpose is to serve these unsung heroes through fostering camaraderie and enriching their professional and personal developments.

These sustainable efforts are aimed squarely at helping the members and their families overcome major frequently-experienced life challenges such as being deployed to the austere, dangerous, isolated and hardship areas and war zones; dealing with the permanent physical or emotional wounds; and finding their way  to integrate back to normal civilian life.

Specifically, VAUSA sends deployed members a taste of home through its Care Package program; builds our community through a Gift from the Heart Blood Donation & Community Health Fair;  delivers toys to children during the holidays season through Full Hearts Holiday Gift event; expresses thanks at the Member’s Family Appreciation event; recognizes the service members’ achievements at its Biennial Uniformed Services Gala; promotes and develops future leaders through the VAUSA Annual Mentorship Dinner; and most importantly, recognizes the ultimate sacrifices by service members through the Fallen Heroes Scholarship program.

Without a shred of doubt, your invaluable support will increase exponentially the positive and profound impact of these worthwhile endeavors. You will directly help us accomplish our shared goal of supporting past and current service members who have served our nation selflessly, with honor and distinction.

To that end, on behalf of VAUSA and its thousand-strong members, I will be tremendously grateful for your attendance and sponsorship of this gala. Please reach out to me personally at 858-621-1494 or vausamedia@gmail.com with any questions. Your contributions, however large or small, will make a lasting difference on the lives of those who have proudly served in uniform.

Very Respectfully,

Mimi T. Phan, Pharm.D.
CAPT, United States Public Health Service
VAUSA Chairperson and Executive Director