Effective 1 October 2014, Vietnamese American Armed Forces Association (VAAFA) changes its name to Vietnamese American Uniformed Services Association (VAUSA). The reason is to include members from all SEVEN branches of the United States Uniformed Services. In order to take VAUSA to a level of “Ownership and Commitment”, we have collected Membership fees (see below). You do not have to pay to be a member of VAUSA family; however, as a paid member, you will receive a VAUSA membership medallion on your first year. A Five-Year (continuously) member will receive a Silver medallion. A Lifetime member or a Ten-Year (continuously) member will receive a Gold medallion with a serial number. A paid member will also be offered discounted tickets to certain events held by VAUSA. In summary, as a paid member, it is more than what you will receive in return; but it is about your BELIEVE, your PRIDE, and your SUPPORT to what VAUSA stands for and where we are going in the days ahead. I am looking forward to see your name in the list of “Dedicated and Committed Members of VAUSA.”

E1-4 and Cadets/Midshipmen: $20/yr

E5 and Above (Active/Reserve/NG): $60/yr

Retirees or Separated: $60/yr

Lifetime Membership: $600

Lifetime Membership with spouse and dependents $660

To pay for your membership fee, please send a check payable to “VAUSA” to the following address:

P.O. Box 2383
Springfield, VA 22152

Or you can use your credit card by call me at 571-888-2458 to access our VAUSA Mobile Pay App.

Forever Strong VAUSA!

Membership Deputy Director