We are a military association comprised of Vietnamese American who are current or former military service members from all branches of the Uniformed Services.  We are united together by the bonds of mutual respect and selfless service.

Uniformed Services

  1. United States Army – USA
  2. United States Marine Corps – USMC
  3. United States Navy – USN
  4. United States Air Force – USAF
  5. United States Coast Guard – USCG
  6. United States Public Health Service Commission Corps – USPHSCC
  7. National Oceanic Atmospheric Administration Corps – NOAAC
  • Under the Department of Defense:  USA/USMC/USN/USAF
  • Under the Department of Homeland Security – USCG
  • Under the Department of Health and Human Services – USPHCC
  • Under the Department of Commerce – NOAAC