Our Vision

Honor Our Past: Honor the legacy and sacrifice made by all Vietnamese, Americans, and their allies who came before us.


Recognize Our Present: Promote the professional and personal success and recognition of our Members. 


Building Our Community: Promote leaders, activities, and ideas that best represent our Core Values, in service of the United States and the Vietnamese-American community.

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Our Mission

Provide professional development, mentorship, esprit de corps, and networking for current and former Vietnamese American service members; provide support to members and their families when they are in need, at home and on the front lines, and to share our experiences with our Community.

Who We Are

❖ 1,150+ members strong as of September 2016.

❖ Membership is comprised of Active Duty, Reserve, and Veterans from the Army, Marine Corps, Navy, Air Force, Space Force, Coast Guard, United States Public Health Services Commissioned Corps and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration Corps.

❖ Community Auxiliary Membership through Friends of the Association (FOTA).

Our Goals 2022 - 2025

❖ Strengthen member participation in VAUSA events & activities.

❖ Expand mentorship & professional development opportunities.

❖ Deepen relationships with our Community through outreach events & activities.

❖ Increase sponsorships through corporate, local, and individual contributions.

❖ Build bridges with other Vietnamese American professional organizations & associations.

❖ Have measurable impact on advancing our Vision and Mission.

❖ Encourage active dialog and participation in discussion about the future of VAUSA, Community, and Service.

Our Programs and Services

❖ VAUSA’s Strategic design (Fig. 1) Visualizes the association’s direction for 2022-2025. To achieve our Goals, VAUSA will focus on four (4) lines of efforts (LOE); supported by 4 lines of operations (LOO) to accomplish our Vision & Mission.

➔ Through judicious use of human and financial resources, VAUSA will focus on the four (4) lines of effort: Members, Community, and Network, supported by the Strategic Communications line of effort.

➔ Each line of effort involves events & activities to promote Fellowship, Engagement, and Partnership for our Members, Community and with other Professional associations.


Hội Quân Nhân Mỹ Gốc Việt
6200 Rolling Road. Box 2383
Springfield, VA 22152